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    Finance Experts have so far focused on large and listed entities, leaving a gap for financial experts needed in Start-ups and MSME companies. Demand for services like Financial and Cost Management, MIS and Analysis, Internal Control and Internal Audit, Business Valuations, Negotiations, Funds Raising etc. have increased with the changing landscape of business and economic scenario.

    The Indian small and medium enterprises (SME) sector is considered backbone of economy and it has potential to act as an engine for growth if the right set of support and enabling framework is provided to it. The SME provides opportunity to develop entrepreneurship and to support growth led by innovation over the next decade by following features:

  • Growth in Indian SME sector has been higher than average GDP growth in the past one decade.
  • SME sector contributes over 45% of the industrial output and nearly 40% of total exports of India.
  • Over 60 million people are engaged in SME sector which is also creating 1.3 million new jobs every year.
  • SME sector is producing more than 8000 quality products for the Indian and international markets.
  • With approximately 4730 million SMEs in India and around 106 million people currently engaged in SME sector, 12 million people more are expected to join the workforce in next 3 years.